The Association for Educational Research Development EU INSTITUTE Skopje is a civil society organization established in October 2018 in accordance with the Law on Associations and Foundations with the main goal of promoting and developing European values by organizing and implementing research and educational projects in the field of European values, inter-ethnic relations. human rights, capital market, media and communications and other relevant activities, such as seminars, congresses, trainings, etc.


The mission of the EU INSTITUTE Skopje is to discover and respond to every need and situation in society by creating institutional change, better civic education, to encourage civic activism while offering space for lifelong learning, space for personal and social development.


The vision of the EU INSTITUTE Skopje is to unite young people in partnership with adults to actively participate in social processes, to take personal responsibility for the current situation and of course through personal growth and development to contribute to creating a better society.


The goal of the EU INSTITUTE Skopje is promotion and development of European values and standards, development and growth of inter-ethnic tolerance and equality, raising the awareness of citizens in the realization of their human rights, development and improvement of economic cooperation with European Union countries, development and promotion of projects in the field of media and communications, other goals that will contribute to building a positive public opinion regarding the achievement of EU aspirations in North Macedonia.

Principles of action

Basic principles of the organization are based on independence, publicity, transparency, non-profit, non-partisan action and initiatives in public life. The decisions in the statute are in accordance with the decisions provided in the Law on Associations and Foundations.


Dominant level of action of the EU INSTITUTE Skopje in the statute, strategies and other reference documents is defined as national.

More details in the official statute of the organization (in Macedonian): Статут на ЕУ ИНСТИТУТ Скопје