Address by the President for 2021

Dear all,

It gives me great pleasure to address the activities and strategy that will be implemented by the CSO for Educational Research and Development EU INSTITUTE Skopje in 2021.

In these three years of our existence we have worked dedicatedly on informal education of the population in RNM through the development of new, open and complementary approaches that will enable us to create a more efficient network of future associates working for the common good in the country.

The past year has been a year of challenges and adaptation due to the global pandemic and Covid-19 that has swept the world.

Special contribution in the realization of the set plan and goals in 2020 was given by professionals in their fields who showed interest and helped us in the realization of the set plans and goals. That is why I would like to thank everyone on my own behalf and on behalf of the organization. These are primarily our close friends who participated in almost all the projects we realized without any financial compensation. We sincerely thank them for their commitment, motivation and sacrifice in these difficult times for our country.

We have to be aware that the world will not adapt to us but we must adapt to it. That is why we need to make quality decisions and focus on our goals. It is always easier said than done!

2020 was a challenge for all of us.

Therefore, I suggest that we use all the opportunities that each of us has, and maybe does not see them. We believe that 2021 will be better in every field.

We are here for you and we will help you find your own potential, to progress, to be successful in family and business life.

Every single one of us can succeed! All we need is personal motivation, plan, desire and action for realization. A large part of the population in Macedonia has no plan, sitting and waiting for this whole current situation to pass. It does not develop itself, it does not develop business and work in accordance with the circumstances of the global pandemic and situation. That is why we, as an organization, have decided through the planned programs adopted for 2021 to stand at the service of the citizens in order to inspire, educate and help in every field of our action. We are open for any kind of cooperation and everything we will register as a need and suggestions.

We all had plans in life when the Covid-19 crisis started and we realized that they did not work, which was logical for the whole situation globally.

That is why we as a civil society organization stand at the service of the citizens and will give our best to restart each of us in the context of success and adaptation to the new reality.

Being persistent will help us solve problems. In that way we will encourage and improve our own creativity, but also the significant positive impact on the ability to solve problems.

Mastering new skills is the roadmap that leads to the success, personal and success of society. Something we need to create with wisdom. That’s why we have to move forward, with full gas, so that we do not stay in the same place.

Each of us has the power and the opportunity to achieve everything we want in life simply by helping others to achieve what they want.

For 2021 we have adopted a new program and strategies that we believe will make a positive change in society.

Strategic priorities in 2021:

1. Education, motivation, inspiration of young people in career development – Strengthened and consolidated youth sector

2. Participation in creating conditions for community development

3. Strengthening youth participation and activism

4. Non-formal adult education

5. Art and culture as tools for social development

6. Organization of scientific conferences

7. Publications of special importance for the civil sector

8. Improving the physical health of the population through online videos on yoga

In 2021, the CSO for Educational Research and Development EU INSTITUTE Skopje will implement the following projects and activities:

  1. Non-formal education support to the civil society sector (high school students, students, youth up to 29 years) for developing communication literacy through a model of direct civic participation education on topics:
  2. communication skills
  3. self-confidence
  4. –ľotivation and inspiration
  5. career development
  6. Financial literacy and education of the population, consultations and advice of citizens related to getting acquainted with the capital market, types of financial instruments as well as opportunities for efficient management / working with personal finances intended for:
  7. Category 1: for high school students, students, youth
  8. Category 2: adult population
  9. Mental hygiene for preschool children (kindergartens)
  10. Creating an interactive program for improving the socio-emotional development of preschool children and strengthening their capacities by improving their mental health
  11. Organization of scientific conferences
  12. Support through public portals, news and media for the development of the civil sector and problem solving (local) in the communities
  13. Organization, logistical support and participation in art and culture events as tools for social development
  14. Map of culture, education and connection of young people through non-formal education through the use of a social game on the theme of the city of Skopje, intended for young people from (15 – 29)
  15. Basics of digital literacy
  16. Educational virtual tours through photos with 360o view for primary and secondary education.

We believe in future further cooperation, achieving common goals for the benefit of the citizens of RNM in this 2021 as well.

Verica Pandiloska-Gicheva