Call for papers 3rd International Scientific Conference

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The conference will be held online on February 27, 2021, starting at 10am on the ZOOM platform.


“Management challenges in COVID-19 pandemic, professional responsibilities and human rights”

Purpose of the conference

This event aims to welcome international partners of educational institutions operating in the field of pre- and post – university education, central policy – making institutions in the country. The topic ” Management challenges in COVID-19 pandemic, professional responsibilities and human rights ” aims to bring together researchers in the fields of economics, law and psychology, through their work to emphasize the importance today and in the future for development of education, the business sector and the overall integration of Balkan region.

All conference papers will be published in the ISBN codebook issue and best rated papers by the Scientific Board will be published in the next issue of International Scientific Journal.
ISBN 978-608-4782-17-9

The official languages of the Conference will be English, Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian.

The conference fee for individual or co-authored papers is 50 Euros.

The fee includes a Certificate of attendance, a copy of conference proceedings (Proceedings Book) online.


To better organize the development of the plenary sessions in parallel, we will orient the division of the presentations in this conference according to the following three areas:

  • Economy
  • Psychology
  • Legal

The following points will serve as guiding topics for the proceedings of the Conference.

Economic in profiles: Management, Marketing, Administration, Finance, Business Informatics

• Management challenges during Covid-19
• Necessary economic measures
• Attitudes of governments towards the private sector
• Marketing challenges
• New revenue opportunities
• Online sales
• Digital Literacy during Covid-19

Legal in profiles: Business, International, Public and Civil Law

• Human rights
• Workers’ rights during a pandemic
• Commercial law during a pandemic
• Observance of laws and measures during a pandemic

Psychology in profiles: Educational Psychology, Behaviorism, Values, Human Dignity, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Perception Psychology

• Mental hygiene during Covid-19
• How to control fears
• Advises against anxiety and depression during covid-19
• Management behavior towards employees during Covid-19


The conference will take place in plenary and in separate panels. Each speaker (except the keynote speakers) has 15 minutes to present their issues and conclusions. Participants (authors) should present their work themselves during panel sessions.


The abstract should have no more than 300 words and clearly indicate the purpose, methodology and conclusions of the paper. Authors can indicate the topic of the conference they are working on and provide 4-5 keywords. Please provide your name, title or rank, full address, affiliation and conference matter. Abstracts should be e-mailed to:


• 23 February 2021 Deadline for submission of abstracts
• 24 February 2021 Notice of abstracts submission
• 25 March 2021 Deadline for making payment and sending the mandate1
• 26 March 2021 Deadline for final version of papers ready to be published


Title of Paper
(14 points Times New Roman, Bold, Centered)
Name and Surname – 1
The institution where you work (12 Times New Roman, center, for author number 1)
Name and Surname – 1,
The institution where you work (12 Times New Roman, center, for author number 2)


The summary should be limited to a maximum of 300 words. The abstract is a single-spaced, an introduction paragraph, and a summary of the most important elements of the paper.
The authors are required to clearly state the content and purpose of their study, including introductions, research questions, applied scientific methods, findings, key results, recommendations, and suggestions.
The abstract should be written in Microsoft Word, 12 Times New Roman, Bold, center.

Keywords: This section should include at most 5 study-related keywords, separated by commas. (12 Points Times New Roman, Italicize every word)

Page Size – A4, Normal

Language: English

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