We are CSO that help and care for certain social phenomena. Let us be your key partner in achieving the goal of your donation. Expect that your donation will achieve the greatest possible effect.

You can donate according to your desire and ability. We offer the opportunity to individuals, companies, institutions to help and donate.

Care for the association

Support our work in the association.

  • We are experienced within the areas in which we operate
  • We have experience from projects implemented so far
  • We introduce higher standards and innovative activities
  • We are establishing solid internal measures for cooperation

Community care

Support our project activities.

  • We will prepare a donation plan for you if you have the desire and opportunity
  • We will always let you know where the donation will contribute to solving the problems
  • You will always receive feedback on where the funds were have helped and how was spent
  • We take care of all parties involved who donate

Information about us:

NLB Bank Skopje
Domestic currency account: 210-0731523601-48
Foreign currency account: 00-722-0000858.9

With your donation you become our partner. You will receive a duly certified confirmation and agreement for it if you pay on behalf of a legal entity.

We believe in future successful cooperation!