Gratitudes for cooperation 2020

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Dear followers, with special honor and pleasure we would like to officially express our gratitude to all those who were part of the project activities of the EU INSTITUTE Skopje in the past 2020. On that behalf, we would like to inform you that all those who have made an indirect / direct contribution to our work should be awarded with a small token of thanks, which we will deliver electronically in compliance with Covid-19 measures and protocols. The good practices and examples of successful cooperation and the fields in which our organization operates have given really positive results and promotion for more effective social changes. We believe that in 2021 we will have the opportunity to collaborate again on various projects, events and educations.

  1. NUUB St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola
  2. dir. Bojan Stefanovski, NUUB St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola
  3. Fatma Bajram Azemovska, Bitola
  4. National institution, library Grigor Prlichev Ohrid
  5. dir. Gordana Zmejkovska, NI Grigor Prlichev Ohrid
  6. Milcho Jovanoski, Ohrid
  7. Portal PUBLICITET MK Ohrid
  8. Portal BITOLANEWS Bitola
  9. Sasho Ristevski, Bitola
  10. Goran Deskovski, Skopje
  11. Svetlana Trninkova, special educator at the primary school Vancho Prke Stip
  12. Tanja Turundzieva, nutritionist TAGAMA Skopje
  13. Pero Sardzoski, dir. of teaching Pegasus ELS – Tetovo
  14. Pegasus ELS – Tetovo School of English
  15. Valentina Koleska, Secretary of the Red Cross Skopje
  16. Deni Andonov, Skopje Website design – visualization and image
  17. Slobodanka Ilievska, editor at TV Alfa
  18. TV ALFA Skopje
  19. Jovana Stojmenovic editor at TV SITEL
  20. Aleksandar Blazevski, editor at TV SITEL
  21. TV SITEL Skopje
  22. Jelena Spendjarska, host of TV Kanal 5
  23. TV Kanal 5 Skopje
  24. Jasmina Nikova, editor and host at MTV
  25. MRTV
  26. Dimche Milanov, Red Cross Skopje
  27. Filip Petkovski, Skopje

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