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Basics of digital literacy

The training contains 11 modules and is designed according to the standards promoted in the Basic Digital Skills Framework (Guide) – Department of Education – United Kingdom.

  • Module 1 Digital Basics Skills
  • Module 2 Online Communication
  • Module 3 Additional skills for professional online communication
  • Module 4 Information and Content Management
  • Module 5 Online Transactions
  • Module 6 Basic Features Available on Edmodo
  • Module 7 Digital Education Tool for Creating Interactive Quizzes: Kahoot
  • Module 8 On-line video conferencing platform Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Module 9 Practical Exercises: Creating Edmodo Profiles
  • Module 10 Practical Exercises: Creating a Kahoot Quiz and Creating Zoom Meetings
  • Module 11 Classroom Blogging
  • Module 12 Social Networks in Teaching

Communication skills

In these trainings you will learn how to communicate more easily in business and private life.

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Phone communication
  • Business Bon Ton (Principles of male and female business behavior)
  • Team coordination
  • Evaluation of the achieved result
  • Preparation of CV and employment interview
  • Management and leadership
  • Sales

Trainings details

Take advantage of all the benefits of digital transformation through organized trainings and seminars for companies or groups through the following opportunities:

  • Online trainings
  • In-house trainings (training for at least 5 people from the same company)
  • 1 to 1 personalized trainings (live or on-line)
  • Training vouchers (unlimited flexibility and training planning to your liking and need)
  • Weekend trainings (especially for people who are not able to attend trainings during the working week)

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